Admissions Process
How to Apply for CPE Training

Complete the standard application and attach the following:

  • Proof of graduation from high school or equivalent GED.

  • Copy of any additional degrees, diplomas and certificates.

  • Copy of curriculum vitae, and/or resume as demonstration of adequate academic preparation and work experience.

  • Proof of participation and active involvement in a faith community to whose authority the trainee is accountable concurrent with participation in the CPE program.

  • Complete an admissions interview with a Graduate Academy of CPE Supervisor.

  • Email application and documents to

  • You are required to complete an admissions interview with CPE Supervisor, Dr. Rev. William R. Greaver

  • UTS's Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision requires $75 application fee.

Non Discrimination Policy

The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision does not discriminate against persons because of race, ethnicity, national origin, class, age, physical disability, faith group background or affiliation, or sexual or gender identity, orientation or preference.

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