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Admission Process

Complete the standard application and attach the following:

  • Proof of graduation from high school or equivalent GED.

  • Copy of any additional degrees, diplomas and certificates.

  • Copy of curriculum vitae, and/or resume as demonstration of adequate academic preparation and work experience.

  • Proof of participation and active involvement in a faith community to whose authority the trainee is accountable concurrent with participation in the CPE program.

  • Complete an admissions interview with a Graduate Academy of CPE Supervisor.

  • Email application and documents to

  • You are required to complete an admissions interview with CPE Supervisor, Dr. Rev. William R. Greaver

  • UTS's Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision requires $75 application fee.

Admission and Fees




The caliber of both supervisors and peers creates a uniquely challenging and focused experience that positively impacts my ministry daily.

[GACS] broadened my understanding and appreciation of how Pastoral Counseling, Chaplaincy and Psychotherapy work across different specializations (hospice, addiction, hospital, etc) through the actual experiences of my colleagues. 


I have found the Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision (GACS) to be top notch. Being in the program has given me a greater understanding of myself and taught me how to develop a stronger ministry of presence with those I serve. 


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