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Dr. Rev. Adam Barkley

D.Th. Clinical Chaplaincy and Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy (SCA University of Theology and Spirituality)

M.Th. Clinical Chaplaincy (SCA University of Theology and Spirituality)

B.A. Intercultural Ministires (SCA University of Theology and Spirituality)

Chaplain Certification ( International Certification of Police Chaplains)

Chaplain Certification (Carson City Sheriff’s Office)

Supervisor Education Fellow (Center for Spiritual Care and Pastoral Formation

Supervisor Education Fellow (Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision)

Adam is a Clinical Chaplain at Infinity Hospice Care in Reno, NV, where Adam provides IHC patients with psychospiritual support, counseling, and intervention, as well as bereavement counseling and grief therapy for both patients and their family members. Adam also provides in-service development and staff training in mental and emotional health in patient care and service, and conducts presentations of training didactics in areas of patient counseling and support. Adam also serves as the Itinerate Senior Pastor at TRE Baptist Church in Wellington, NV, where he is responsible for weekly preaching, discipleship teaching and church leadership guidance. Before starting as a Hospice Chaplain in 2015, Adam spent 15 years in the faith-based sector, serving primarily as Senior and Itinerate Pastor with reputable Churches.  Most notably, Adam has dedicated himself to Discipler Training International, where he has served as a Board Member since 2001.  In this role, he has participated in numerous international short-term mission trips providing training for Pastors and Church leaders in the development and implementation of maturity and discipleship ministries. At the heart of Adam’s pastoral philosophy and theory; is the belief in the integration of pastoral care, guidance, and counsel, which are traditionally understood from a Biblical approach, with clinical therapy methods and theories from a science-based approach.  This integration is more frequently known as “Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy”.   Pastoral counseling, from a faith-based perspective, is providing pastoral care, in addressing an individual’s psychospiritual needs, challenges, difficulties, dysfunctions, and cognitive disorders, while using the Bible as the basis of insight, wisdom, divine perspective and moral values.  God’s perspective on every facet of life, is revealed in concepts and principles, on how to live life abundantly, and to address what challenges might keep one from doing so. The clinical pastoral counseling tools which are utilized in the assessment and counsel of the client, combine the spiritual and clinical, with the Bio, Psycho, Social, and Spiritual aspects of diagnosing and addressing the individual’s needs and drivers. 

Adam holds a Doctoral Degree of Theology in Clinical Chaplaincy with an emphasis in Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy, and a Master’s Degree of Theology in Clinical Chaplaincy from the University of Theology and Spirituality, Tacoma, WA.  Additionally, Adam earned a Bachelor’s Degree (Honorary) in Intercultural Ministries from the University of Theology and Spirituality, Tacoma, WA.  Adam has completed Chaplain Certifications from the International Certification of Police Chaplains, and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

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