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Graduate Academy of
CPE Supervision

The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision is leading the way in Clinical Pastoral Education offering a unique distance learning model with a global reach.  Our CPE focus is on training and educating multifaith spiritual caregivers in faith development, pastoral formation, spiritual integration, and skill set enhancement.

Our Program


Uniting Head and Heart from a



To Offer Best Practices in

Clinical Pastoral Education

CPE Supervisor Fellow Education

Continuing Education

Internship, Practicum, and Fellowship Supervision


 To Provide
Spiritual Enrichment,
Pastoral Formation,

and Skill Sets

Leading to

Advanced Practice Chaplaincy


The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision Works in Partnership with the

University of Theology and Spirituality and the

Spiritual Care Association

 Registration Is Now Open!

We Believe

CPE is Transformational:  Learners lives are often transformed forever.

CPE is Clinical:  Where real people interact with real people who are hurting, as opposed to textbook learning.

CPE is a Group Experience:  Learners come together sharing knowledge and assisting each other in the process.

CPE is Experiential:  The learning occurs upon experiences out in the world.

Students Success Stories

I have found the Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision (GACS) to be top notch. Being in the program has given me a greater understanding of myself and taught me how to develop a stronger ministry of presence with those I serve. My colleagues in the program are spiritual giants and inspirational leaders in their chosen fields.  I feel quite blessed to learn from some of the best. If you are searching for a quality a CPE program, then look no further. I give this program an A+.

G. Adams

The CPE and Supervisory Education program of the Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision was a very meaningful learning experience for me because of the opportunity to journey, work with, and learn from a group of culturally diverse individuals coming from different countries and ministry areas. It broadened my understanding and appreciation of how Pastoral Counseling, Chaplaincy and Psychotherapy work across different specializations (hospice, addiction, hospital, etc) through the actual experiences of my colleagues. This enabled me to integrate these learnings and best practices to my work in Corporate Chaplaincy, Executive Coaching, and Clinical Pastoral Psychotherapy in my cultural context. Personally also, the sessions helped me to value myself more and become more integrated in my pastoral identity, authority, and competence. I also learned to appreciate more and more my strengths as a person and so I feel more confident now in working in my ministry areas with a deeper appreciation that I am, can be, and will be a good gift to my community. 

Katrina Y.

At first I was doubtful of the value of an online-based CPE supervision and experience.  I was wrong. I am starting my third unit and can definitely say this CPE has been one of the most helpful and impactful classes both in my overall seminary career and also compared to any other professional development I have been a part of. The caliber of both supervisors and peers creates a uniquely challenging and focused experience that positively impacts my ministry daily.

Benjamin D.

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