The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision is leading the way in Clinical Pastoral Education offering a unique distance learning model with a global reach. Interfaith spiritual care providers worldwide meet in supervised settings to develop relational skills, build awareness of the theological and psycho-social concerns of persons in crisis, and reflect on the relationship between one’s self and ministry. Our understanding of humans is that they are ontologically bio-psycho-socio-spiritual beings.  Our CPE is about training, learning, and educating multifaith spiritual caregivers in faith development, pastoral formation, spiritual integration, and skill set enhancement.

Our program is lead by Dr. Rev. Ch. William R. Greaver, III in partnership with the University of Theology and Spirituality and the Spiritual Care Association. Dr. Greaver, having been a member of ACPE, CPSP, CSCPF, ICPT, CPEI, and SCA has extensive knowledge and experience in CPE and is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to help you reach your goals. Click here to learn more about Dr. Greaver.


Program Details: 

We offer three units of CPE per year to clergy and laypersons via distance learning modalities in a 16-week program.

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